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If you're looking for an authentic and relatable partner, a connector to tens of thousands of luxury travel advisors around the world, a pro on camera, a sales-centric and business-minded content creator, a Mom who travels 100+ nights of the year with her toddler and husband for business and vacation, STOP!

You have arrived at your destination.

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Describe the key features of the service and how users can benefit from it.

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Describe the key features of the service and how users can benefit from it.

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Describe the key features of the service and how users can benefit from it.

Engaging, Educational and Entertaining

Sandra's exceptional reputation reaches far and wide, with travel events and brands from around the globe consistently rebooking her. A staggering 90% of those who have hired her invite her back for a second and third time.


What sets Sandra apart is her unwavering commitment to tailoring her keynotes to suit your audience perfectly, ensuring clear and impactful outcomes. By delving into your business objectives and event goals, she crafts a presentation that aligns precisely with your needs.


The impact of Sandra's talks goes beyond mere impressions. Not only will your attendees and sponsors be thoroughly impressed, but you'll also witness the evidence in your post-event surveys. Sandra consistently ranks among the top 5 speakers, leaving a lasting impression on every audience she addresses.


Pricing for Sandra's services ranges from $5K to $18K, depending on factors such as audience size, topic complexity, the number of sessions, duration of her presence on-site, and travel requirements.


Sandra has been booked to speak by the following organizations at their signature events:

  • CCRA (Washington DC three times, New York, Chicago)

  • Travel Market Report (Vancouver three times, Toronto twice)

  • The Afflutent Traveler (Dana Point, Boca Raton)

  • TravelSavers (Boca Raton)

  • American Society of Travel Advisors (Chicago, San Fransisco, San Juan, Budapest twice)

  • Global Travel Network GTN (Charlotte)

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Experience powerful education and outcome-driven training tailored specifically for travel advisors

Our training programs are 100% custom created to align with your brand and goals. 


For just $3K, you'll receive up to 90 minutes of comprehensive webinar content, including replays, worksheets, and dedicated Q&A sessions. 


Equip your travel advisors with the knowledge and tools they need to succeed, delivered through engaging webinars that foster growth and drive results.


Sandra has been hired to create and run webinars (marketing and sales focused) for the following travel industry brands and associations:

  • Jamaica Tourist Board

  • American Society of Travel Advisors (ASTA)

  • CCRA

  • Outside Agents

  • Global Travel Network (GTN)

  • Travel Market Report

  • AmaWaterways

A podcast partnership gets the undivided attention of thousands of travel agents and advisors

Boost your brand's exposure on our highly acclaimed podcast, rated with an impressive 5 stars on iTunes. With over 3000 downloads and an exceptional 80% episode listen rate among travel advisors, our platform guarantees a dedicated and engaged audience.


For just $300 per episode per month for one year, you can seize the opportunity to have your promotional content meticulously crafted and recorded by the esteemed Sandra McLemore. Alternatively, you have the flexibility to provide your own content.


Choose between our travel advisor or consumer audience podcast options, strategically designed to maximize the effectiveness of your brand promotion. Experience the impact of reaching your target audience through our podcast, renowned for its quality and reach.


We offer brands the opportunity to sponsor individual podcast episodes or bundle together multiple episodes for the best value. With this flexibility, you can choose the sponsorship option that aligns perfectly with your marketing objectives.


To ensure your promotion stays up-to-date and in alignment with your sales goals, ads can be re-recorded up to four times per year. This allows you to fine-tune your messaging and maintain a fresh and relevant approach throughout the sponsorship period.


Check out the podcast at


Full emcee services: a combination of entertainment and education/motivation

Sandra specializes in delivering motivational, inspirational, and business-oriented talks that cover topics such as sales, marketing, and content creation.


Each presentation is meticulously crafted to cater to your specific audience, ensuring that the content resonates and delivers clear outcomes.


Pricing for Sandra's services varies based on several factors, including audience size, topic complexity, the number of sessions, duration of her presence on-site, and whether travel is required.


The range typically falls between $5K and $18K depending on travel time and total time on site.

Sandra has been booked to emcee and host for the following organizations:

  • American Society for Travel Advisors (ASTA) - Emcee for 2 day conference to 1000+ in San Fransisco, Budapest, and San Juan

  • Travel Market Report - Emcee for 2 day conference in Vancouver and Toronto

  • The Affluent Travel Symposium - Emcee for Awards Night in Dana Point

  • Los Angeles Travel Magazine - Emcee for Awards Night in Los Angeles

Promote your newest ship, resort or experience with an SMT, reaching millions of travelers in a matter of hours

Elevate your media presence with our comprehensive SMT (Satellite Media Tour) package, designed to secure up to 25 on-location media interviews for TV and radio. This includes a mix of live and pre-recorded interviews, ensuring maximum exposure for your brand.


Our expert team will collaborate with you on scripting, providing valuable preparation and support throughout the process. This ensures that your messaging is on point and effectively communicated during each interview.


To further endorse your brand, our package includes a dedicated article on our website, along with captivating content creation on Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest.


This multi-platform approach amplifies your brand's visibility across different online channels, reaching diverse audiences.


Pricing for our SMT package starts at $12K, with travel expenses being additional.


Invest in this comprehensive media solution to take your brand to new heights and captivate audiences through compelling interviews and strategic content creation.


Sandra recently completed a very successful SMT for Hilton's All-Inclusive Resorts, shot on location in Tulum and broadcasting live to 25 morning shows and news programs around America in just 4 short hours.

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Marketing & sales themed escorted FAM trips

Say goodbye to the time-consuming task of personally escorting FAM trips, and instead, choose from a range of impactful marketing and sales masterclasses delivered directly to the participating travel advisors or influencers. When you can't afford to have your leadership team or busy BDMs out of the office for weeks at a time, send Sandra.


These sessions are carefully crafted to align with your sales goals and maximize the return on investment for your FAM trips.


Starting at just $200 per attendee for a comprehensive 4-day experience, including one intensive masterclass session of up to 2 hours, our FAM trips offer incredible value.


However, please note that minimum participant numbers are required to ensure an optimal learning environment.


By incorporating these strategic masterclasses into your FAM trips, you equip your advisors and agents with essential marketing and sales skills, further enhancing their ability to drive bookings and generate revenue.


Elevate your FAM trip experience and make every moment count towards achieving your sales objectives. Sandra has hosted two very successful Marketing FAMS with AmaWaterways. You could be next.

Sandra's captivating presence on network news programs and morning shows has made her a go-to choice for producers

With her engaging personality, extensive expertise, and relatable perspective as a traveler and mom, Sandra consistently delivers compelling live segments both in-studio and remotely. Not only do producers love her, but viewers also appreciate her valuable advice and authentic presentation style.



Now, you have the exclusive chance to feature your brand in a sponsored segment that will be seen by millions of viewers on major morning shows and talk shows.


Collaborating seamlessly with hosts and anchors, Sandra will authentically present your brand, drawing from her industry expertise and personal experiences.


This unique combination ensures an engaging and relatable viewing experience, maximizing the impact of your brand exposure.


Don't miss this opportunity to showcase your brand authentically alongside Sandra, as she shares her knowledge, stories, and genuine connection with the audience.


Take advantage of this influential platform to reach a vast audience and elevate your brand's visibility to new heights.

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Accelerate Sales Momentum: Virtual FAM Empowers Travel Agents to Sell with Conviction & Confidence

Introducing our revolutionary Virtual FAM service, designed to meet the evolving needs of travel brands in the post-pandemic era. Recognizing the financial constraints and logistical challenges faced by travel agents and advisors, we offer a solution that delivers the value of firsthand experience without the need for physical presence.


Imagine a "reality style TV shot in a POV style" experience, guided by renowned travel TV host Sandra McLemore and captured by our expert camera crew. This immersive journey takes us to your luxury ship, resort, hotel, or experience, meticulously capturing every intricate detail that advisors and agents need to effectively sell it.


From showcasing the airport pick-up and check-in process to conducting insightful interviews with chefs, hotel directors, and cruise managers, our Virtual FAM covers it all. These experiences are presented with a professional voice-over, ensuring easy updates as needed. Even for new ship launches, we enable hundreds of thousands of advisors to embark on a virtual 7-day cruise experience from the comfort of their homes, providing them with the confidence and knowledge to sell with speed and accuracy.


Produced by Emmy award-winning producer and director, Anthony McLemore, our Virtual FAM service goes beyond sales support. It can also be utilized as a powerful onboarding tool for new employees, ensuring they quickly familiarize themselves with your offerings and become effective contributors to your team.


With our Virtual FAM service, travel brands can maximize their revenue potential while saving on costs associated with travel, allowing advisors and agents to focus on their businesses, eliminate the need for expensive airfares, and maintain a healthy work-life balance.

Consumer content creation

Our profound insight into the expectations of luxury travelers from the millennial, Gen X, and Boomer generations allows us to craft compelling messages that speak directly to their needs. This competence is key in driving increased engagement and conversion rates for your travel brand.

Our content approach is specifically tailored to engage Sandra's followers who tune into her on news and morning shows.

This strategy ensures that your brand aligns seamlessly with their ambitions and dreams, creating a meaningful connection with them.


Trade content creation

Our forte lies in crafting conversion-optimized content that equips travel advisors with the right tools to efficiently market and sell your products and services.

Our specialized knowledge spans the complex landscapes of marketing, sales, and the travel industry.

We provide digital content that strikes a chord with travel advisors, bolstering their capability to endorse your offerings compellingly and stimulate conversion rates.

Brand Endorsements

Authentic brand endorsements that convert, start by providing an authentic experience.

Showcase your travel-related product or service to either consumers or our engaged community of luxury advisors through podcasts, videos, television features, reviews, blogs, or social media content.


Work with Sandra to prioritize authenticity and focus on delivering exceptional experiences to increase your chances of converting potential customers into loyal advocates.




ASTA River Cruise Expo, Budapest Sandra McLemore.jpg

The ASTA River Cruise Expo in Budapest brought together travel advisors and river cruise line executives for this one-of-a-kind conference with FAM trip opportunities.


Sandra, who emceed and delivered a keynote speech in 2023, was again invited to speak as the educational speaker. Event marketing featured both Sandra McLemore and world-famous chef and restauranteur Wolfgang Puck.


The attendees loved her highly successful session and gave her top ratings. Due to her amazing performance, Sandra has been invited to participate in the 2024 event, which will be held in Amsterdam. 

Sandra has gladly accepted the invitations to host sailings on Avalon Waterways and AmaWaterways, both before and after the event, exclusively for travel advisors.

a recent partnersship


Hilton selected me for an in-destination satellite media tour (SMT) to raise awareness of their newly opened all-inclusive luxury hotels, perfect for any type of getaway. They booked me through Celebrity Focus, a company that matches celebrities and well-known experts to celebrity brands.

Once I arrived in Tulum, I spent my downtime researching and exploring the property in preparation for the SMT. Later that day, we had a successful sound, light, and set-up check. I revised my talking points with the Hilton team.

The following morning I arrived on set 45 minutes early at 5:45 am. The crew appreciated me being early due to a change in lighting that required adjustments. At 8:15 am, we started with first our live media interviews. I had two producers in my ear and one off-camera to my left, all providing queues and updates. I completed 25 interviews for news and morning shows around America - including Telemundo and several others in Spanish.

During the interviews, I spoke passionately and authentically about the property, covering key points from the script and forming great chemistry with the anchors and hosts.


Afterward, multiple media outlets contacted me for future travel segments, signaling a job well done. But most importantly, the client was happy. If the client is happy, I am happy. That's all that matters.


Continuously Booked. And Rebooked.

The average rebooking rate for a great keynote speaker is 20-50%. Most event organizers choose to change things up.

Sandra McLemore is rebooked at least twice for 92% of her speaking engagements. The numbers don't lie. She is an amazing speaker and tv host.

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