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Virtual FAM Experiences



Accelerate Sales Momentum: Virtual FAM Empowers Travel Agents to Sell with Conviction & Confidence

Introducing our revolutionary Virtual FAM service, designed to meet the evolving needs of travel brands in the post-pandemic era. Recognizing the financial constraints and logistical challenges faced by travel agents and advisors, we offer a solution that delivers the value of firsthand experience without the need for physical presence.

Imagine a "reality style TV shot in a POV style" experience, guided by renowned travel TV host Sandra McLemore and captured by our expert camera crew. This immersive journey takes us to your luxury ship, resort, hotel, or experience, meticulously capturing every intricate detail that advisors and agents need to effectively sell it.

From showcasing the airport pick-up and check-in process to conducting insightful interviews with chefs, hotel directors, and cruise managers, our Virtual FAM covers it all. These experiences are presented with a professional voice-over, ensuring easy updates as needed. Even for new ship launches, we enable hundreds of thousands of advisors to embark on a virtual 7-day cruise experience from the comfort of their homes, providing them with the confidence and knowledge to sell with speed and accuracy.

Produced by Emmy award-winning producer and director, Anthony McLemore, our Virtual FAM service goes beyond sales support. It can also be utilized as a powerful onboarding tool for new employees, ensuring they quickly familiarize themselves with your offerings and become effective contributors to your team.

With our Virtual FAM service, travel brands can maximize their revenue potential while saving on costs associated with travel, allowing advisors and agents to focus on their businesses, eliminate the need for expensive airfares, and maintain a healthy work-life balance.

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