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Podcast Partnerships



Feautre your travel advisor tools or new products/services on a dedicated episode

Boost your brand's exposure on our highly acclaimed podcast, rated with an impressive 5 stars on iTunes. With over 3000 downloads and an exceptional 80% episode listen rate among travel advisors, our platform guarantees a dedicated and engaged audience.

For just $300 per episode per month for one year, you can seize the opportunity to have your promotional content meticulously crafted and recorded by the esteemed Sandra McLemore. Alternatively, you have the flexibility to provide your own content.

Choose between our travel advisor or consumer audience podcast options, strategically designed to maximize the effectiveness of your brand promotion. Experience the impact of reaching your target audience through our podcast, renowned for its quality and reach.

We offer brands the opportunity to sponsor individual podcast episodes or bundle together multiple episodes for the best value. With this flexibility, you can choose the sponsorship option that aligns perfectly with your marketing objectives.

To ensure your promotion stays up-to-date and in alignment with your sales goals, ads can be re-recorded up to four times per year. This allows you to fine-tune your messaging and maintain a fresh and relevant approach throughout the sponsorship period.

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