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Event Emcee / Host



Full emcee services: a combination of entertainment and education/motivation

Sandra specializes in delivering motivational, inspirational, and business-oriented talks that cover topics such as sales, marketing, and content creation.

Each presentation is meticulously crafted to cater to your specific audience, ensuring that the content resonates and delivers clear outcomes.

Pricing for Sandra's services varies based on several factors, including audience size, topic complexity, the number of sessions, duration of her presence on-site, and whether travel is required.

The range typically falls between $5K and $18K depending on travel time and total time on site.

Sandra has been booked to emcee and host for the following organizations:

  • American Society for Travel Advisors (ASTA) - Emcee for 2 day conference to 1000+ in San Fransisco, Budapest, and San Juan

  • Travel Market Report - Emcee for 2 day conference in Vancouver and Toronto

  • The Affluent Travel Symposium - Emcee for Awards Night in Dana Point

  • Los Angeles Travel Magazine - Emcee for Awards Night in Los Angeles

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