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Engaging, educational + entertaining

Sandra's exceptional reputation reaches far and wide, with travel events and brands from around the globe consistently rebooking her. A staggering 90% of those who have hired her invite her back for a second and third time.

What sets Sandra apart is her unwavering commitment to tailoring her keynotes to suit your audience perfectly, ensuring clear and impactful outcomes. By delving into your business objectives and event goals, she crafts a presentation that aligns precisely with your needs.

The impact of Sandra's talks goes beyond mere impressions. Not only will your attendees and sponsors be thoroughly impressed, but you'll also witness the evidence in your post-event surveys. Sandra consistently ranks among the top 5 speakers, leaving a lasting impression on every audience she addresses.

Pricing for Sandra's services ranges from $5K to $18K, depending on factors such as audience size, topic complexity, the number of sessions, duration of her presence on-site, and travel requirements.

Sandra has been booked to speak by the following organizations at their signature events:

  • CCRA (Washington DC three times, New York, Chicago)

  • Travel Market Report (Vancouver three times, Toronto twice)

  • The Afflutent Traveler (Dana Point, Boca Raton)

  • TravelSavers (Boca Raton)

  • American Society of Travel Advisors (Chicago, San Fransisco, San Juan, Budapest twice)

  • Global Travel Network GTN (Charlotte)

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