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4 travel safety tips from a pro after visiting 90+ countries

Updated: Jun 1, 2023

Traveling is all about adventure and exploring new horizons, but let's not forget the importance of staying safe.

I get asked in interviews on TV and in travel magazines for my favorite travel safety tips when traveling solo.

I'll share four of my favorite safety trips for travelers below, but know that these are great for solo, groups, couples, families, and elderly travelers - everyone! I'll uncover the superhero-like qualities of a door-stop alarm.

Safe travel tips for women, solo travelers, couples and groups
Safety trips for solo travelers

1. Door Stop Alarm: Your Noisy Travel Companion

Picture this: you're peacefully snoozing away in your hotel room when suddenly, an unwelcome intruder tries to enter. Fear not! With a door-stop alarm in your arsenal, you'll protect yourself and have a chance to practice your ninja reflexes. These little wonders are affordable, lightweight, and emit a loud sound that could tremble your bladder. That's right, folks – bladder-leak-inducing safety at its finest!

Tip: remove the battery when you put it back in your bag. You wouldn't want it to go off in your overhead cabin on a flight!

This is the one I use...DOOR ALARM WEDGE

2. Do Not Disturb Sign: Proceed with Caution

Ah, the infamous Do Not Disturb sign – a beacon of privacy or a neon sign announcing, "I'm alone; come on in!" When traveling solo, it's wise to think twice before hanging that sign on your door handle. Instead, use all the hotel locks and the door alarm to focus on securing your room.

3. Inspect the Room: Bathroom and Closet. Hide-and-Seek

When you enter your temporary abode, it's time to channel your inner detective. Peek inside the bathroom and closet to ensure you're the only person in your room. Once you've given the all-clear, lock that door and latch it like a pro. Now you can enjoy your room, knowing you're the undisputed champion of personal space.

4. The Power of a Fake Travel Buddy

When traveling alone, it's a good idea to throw people off your scent (figuratively, of course). Add a fictitious travel partner's name to your hotel reservation. Ladies, if you don't have a male companion, borrow your fictional partner's name from a romantic novel or movie. The hotel staff won't be the only ones wondering, "Who is this mysterious duo?"

5. Social Media: Hit the Pause Button on "Where in the World Is...?"

We get it – documenting your adventures in real-time is tempting, but it's time to reevaluate your oversharing strategy. Over-sharing locations are one of the biggest mistakes I see travelers make and can significantly impact your safety. Do you want everyone to know your exact whereabouts while you're away? Hold off on posting about your current location, meals, and hangout spots until you're back home. Your followers will be on the edge of their seats, eagerly awaiting your tales of adventure. Plus, you'll have the bonus of avoiding potential thieves who can't wait to take advantage of your vacant home.

So my travel friends... these safety tips for travelers are simple and should become second nature. I'm so used to the door alarm that I even use it with my family. It stays in my carry-on bag and never gets unpacked.

Travel safety shouldn't be an afterthought.

Below are links to the alarm if you need one. You can also find them with a quick Google search. Now explore, and create unforgettable memories while keeping yourself secure. Safe travels!

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