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If you thought France was the only place you could practice your years of French’d be wrong. Here is a list of our favorite places where you can use your French. Bon Voyage!


You’ll be happy to know the French spoken in Switzerland is not much different from the French spoken in France or Belgium. So go ahead and order your favorite meal with confidence. While there be sure to hit the slopes or catch a boat ride to see the fish swimming in the crystal-clear waters of La St. Léonard. The Peak...

Traveling is a wonderful experience and can be that more enjoyable when you share a trip with friends or not! With proper planning, you and your friends can have the trip of a lifetime and remain, friends, after you land back at your destination.

Someone has to lead

It would be nice if the entire group could plan the trip, but that’s not likely to happen. Every group, even your group of friends is not immune from common group dynamics. There’s the natural leader, the group organizer, the person who makes sure that everyo...

Being a capital of the autonomous Catalonia region in Spain, Barcelona is probably one of the quirkiest and most vibrant travel destinations on the planet. Founded as a Roman city, Barcelona was besieged quite a few times throughout its history, accumulating the diverse cultural heritage and gradually obtaining its unique modern appearance, with the most significant features added by Antoni Gaudi. Due to its location and strong influential voice in various areas including education, commerce, fashion, entertainment and...

Lights, smells, action! Traveling to any new city can be an exciting and fun adventure. New lights, new sounds, new tastes.

Enjoying street food can be one of the best ways to get to know any country. It can also be one of the best ways to save money when you are on a trip.

But eating street food can also be one of the quickest ways to get sick in a new place. Food storage and quality vary from country to country. So here are the best ways to enjoy the local bites and not get sick...Ask yourself the following questions b...

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