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If you thought France was the only place you could practice your years of French’d be wrong. Here is a list of our favorite places where you can use your French. Bon Voyage!


You’ll be happy to know the French spoken in Switzerland is not much different from the French spoken in France or Belgium. So go ahead and order your favorite meal with confidence. While there be sure to hit the slopes or catch a boat ride to see the fish swimming in the crystal-clear waters of La St. Léonard. The Peak...

Getting paid to travel is a real thing! It’s not just reserved for travel bloggers or photojournalists. There are 9-to-5s that allow you see the world while you earn an income every week. See the world while getting paid? Travel to your favorite destinations as part of your normal everyday work routine? Yes, you can! Here are three amazing jobs that allow you to travel and earn at the same time!

Travel Nurses

Travel nurses are contracted for short amounts of time, 13 weeks ideally, to fill in for other nurses who may be...

If you’re looking for adventure, why not try hot air ballooning? The birds-eye view, the near-quiet ride, being in the open air make this type of flight quite attractive. Here are our favorite eight places to go ballooning.

Yarra Valley, Australia

An hour drive from Melbourne, the valley offers incredible sites, and the foliage explodes with color from March to May each year. You go ballooning in Yarra Valley for its scenic beauty and impeccable service. Ballooning here is good year round.

New Mexico, USA

The landscape cov...

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